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He was born in Laino Borgo (Cosenza), in 1967. Since his childhood,  the magic of drawings and colours had a strong effect on him. That’s how he started his paintings, while he discovered the passion hidden in caricatures as well. At the age of 18 he spent two months in Paris, where he met the italian-mongolian artist Marianne; through her intermediation he discovered the figurative arts .After moving to Rome, during his studies philosophy, his relation with word of art became more intense, thanks to the meeting whit gallerist Stefano Sconci. But the strongest effect on the forming of his style was when he got to the parisian  maestro Manuel Sierra-Vasquez’s atelier in the middle of the eighties. In 1996he took part in the group exhibition Primavera Romana where he was prized for his previous work and in 1997 he presented his first individual exhibition at the I Dioscuri Gallery in Rome.

In the same year he coopered whit the Mirabilia Gallery in the Salone Italiano Arte Contemporanea, he got the Elite trophy. In the following year his artworks were published in the acknowledged issue Annuario Comed – Guida alle belle Arti. In august 2000 in Lauria (Potenza) he exhibited in Mediterranean Prize, whit support of the Italian Repubblic President. In 2004 his works were shown in the group exhibition Pittori e Scultori della Provincia di Potenza. In 2006 he got an order from the Bishop’s Court Tursi-Lagonegro to create two large-sized canvas for the Cathedral of Tursi whit the theme of the Canaan’s wedding and The Miracle of the and loaves and fishes. In 2009 the artworks were completed and hung on the church’s walls after a solemn ceremony. In 2007 he took part in the group exhibition Visionari – Reality and Imagination in Italian contemporary art by Laura Gavioli.